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Performance improvement

We give direct insight into indi­vid­ual or orga­ni­za­tion KPIs such as sales met­rics, turnovers, con­ver­sion and NPS. We cre­ate learn­ing moments for your employ­ees. From their results they get cus­tomized skills that con­tain both knowl­edge and behav­iour con­tent. And let your employ­ees bat­tle it out for best per­for­mance in our fun online competitions!


Onboarding & Learning

On your mark, get set, GO! Do you want your staff to devel­op knowl­edge and soft skills? Wan­na encour­age con­tin­ious learn­ing? Our apps are full of fun games and chal­lenges that will give your employ­ees a crash course on the orga­ni­za­tion and each oth­er. Cre­ate cus­tomized learn­ing jour­neys with a vari­ety of quick crunch­es while you strenght­en the work­place culture.


Extra mile

Reward all your hard work­ing employ­ees with a point sys­tem they can redeem in our reward gift shop. This increas­es their involve­ment with our engage­ment app, which includes lots of insight­ful sur­veys. Use our feed­back app to boost any team to a high per­for­mance level!

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Our promise to you

Our mission is to enable your staff to be a super star in the workplace. We believe in the power of communication, education, performance and motivation. We focus on the user and how they can improve their on-the-job performance. We offer both standard and customized online solutions for all types of organizations. We believe that continuous development and personal challenges are necessary to make a difference and a contribution to every workday. Your employees will learn more about your organization, their job and themselves with our variety of stimulating online tools.

  • Innovative communication through social platforms.
  • Instant insight into KPIs (sales metrics, sales, NPS) with related challenges, competitions and evaluations.
  • Relevant learning is achieved with short crunches and through the feedback app.
  • Motivation and Insight are gained in the engagement app and by collecting redeemable gift shop points.

This has all been researched and designed to give your employees an amazing chance to shine. It’s quick, simple, effective and fun!

Our products

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Our way of working

We only develop products that we validate with our own clients and end users. We do this by applying the best technology and content that’s been proven both scientifically and in practice. We’ve been in the field of disruptive developments for over 20 years, working for clients who play to stay ahead of the game. With our young, start-up mentality we tackle all complex organizational issues with a fresh, new energy. We believe that a single training for onboarding or improved services, sales operational executions is no longer sufficient. We believe in a new, modern way of learning. An innovative way of developing that never ends. Every day comes with new short ‘crunches’ and performance improvement tools. We’re specialized in learning, performance improvement and engagement. We’re expanding more and more as a business, and we’re here te listen to your hopes and dreams. Nothing is too crazy for us.

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